Why Kelly Taliaferro Opened “Lucky Dog Realty”

Kelly Taliaferro opens Lucky Dog RealtyStarting Lucky Dog Realty has been both exciting and scary, as anyone who has started their own business can relate to. There is greater risk going out on your own, but the potential reward can be greater too.

When I first earned my real estate license I joined RE/MAX, a well-known international real estate company. And I had 9 happy years at RE/MAX Elite. My Qualifying Broker was always there when I needed advice, double checked my paperwork and then pretty much left me alone to sell homes. But at the end of every month, I wrote a big FAT check to RE/MAX and I felt I got little in return. The majority of my business came from personal marketing efforts, referrals and repeat business. Rarely did I need help during a transaction. I really only went into the office to utilize the ultra-fast scanner and copy machine or to drop off an earnest money check.

And so every month I wrote a check and I got to thinking… what if? What if I put this money towards marketing myself and Lucky Dog Realty instead of an international corporation? One month’s check would pay for signs, another for updated equipment, a few more for a new website and so on. Once the seed was planted, I had a hard time turning off the idea of venturing out on my own. I started thinking about a logo for Lucky Dog Realty, creating a company culture, improving customer service and, of course, selling more homes!

I officially earned my Qualifying Broker license in February 2013 after earning a perfect score on the NM state examination and a 96 on the National Exam (The pass rate, which requires a score of 75 on both tests, is about 50%). At first I thought opening my own brokerage would cause my business to suffer. I was OK with that potential outcome because my business expenses would ultimately be less and I would be working for and promoting myself. If I had fewer customers without the RE/MAX affiliation, I would be the very best for the customers I would have.

Maybe it is the market, or maybe it was the decision to market myself instead of some large global corporation, but so far I have no regrets. I am busier than ever helping people like you buy and sell their homes. Grooming my own business has added a new dimension and vitality to my real estate practice. I have added additional associate brokers, which have allowed me to provide even better service to our clients. I am more reflective than ever about customer satisfaction. And I am more focused on effective marketing strategies for my business AND the homes I am selling. I have always been an honest person and a hard worker, and nothing feels better than working for myself and my clients and I look forward to working with you.

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