The Special Meanings of “Lucky Dog Realty”

I frequently am asked: Why Lucky Dog Realty? The name of my brokerage is practical and strategic. When I started practicing real estate, my Qualifying Broker suggested that all the new agents get a website and to use our own names. I thought that was a terrible idea for me since my name is Kelly Taliaferro, but is pronounced “Kelly Tolliver,” which is quite confusing!

I wanted a website name that was catchy, easy to remember and encompassed a little about me. At the time my husband and I had just purchased our first puppy, a six-week old German Short-haired Pointer. We named her Scout. Being a dog lover, I thought having a website name that combined my love of real estate with my current puppy love would be perfect. And when I thought of the name Lucky Dog Realty, I knew I had found the right combination. I quickly registered the website, which was shockingly not taken! The rest is history!

Lucky Dog, Scout, is a German short-haired PointerSince then, Scout has proven herself to be a very lucky dog indeed. She has been bitten by a rattlesnake on two occasions. Scout nearly drowned in an irrigation ditch when she was one year old. A couple of years ago, Scout was hit by a car, suffering a pelvis fracture and internal injuries that needed to be surgically repaired. Most recently she had a bone infection and had to have two toes amputated. Perhaps she may seem to be an unlucky dog, but we feel she is a lucky one (and now a very expensive one too!).

We added our second lucky dog, Luke, to our family in 2010. Luke also is a German Short-haired Pointer. He is a rescue and is very sweet and a little shy around other people. We think he may have been abused and we are happy to provide him his forever home. He is very gentle with our children, enjoys terrorizing our cat, and has been a great playmate for Scout.

Despite all of her injuries and accidents, Scout is still cruising along (on mostly three legs because of her past injuries), pointing out quail and dove as she goes along. In fact, Scout, Luke and I went running in the foothills this morning and we had a great time.

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