How To Stage Your Home To Sell

Staging is the art of making your home appeal to prospective buyers. As a home seller, it is an essential step to maximizing your home’s potential value. Buyers want a home to feel welcoming and warm. A professional stager will frequently use items you already own to create the right ambiance, but you can also do quite a bit of staging yourself.

Here are two simple steps to follow when staging your home.

1. Declutter & Depersonalize

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in a space. Decluttering and depersonalizing are ways to make a home more appealing to all.

As a seller you need to remove personal photos, religious objects, and tone down bright colors. Neutrals, while sometimes a little boring, will not offend a buyer.

In addition to removing items with a little too much personality, it is a good idea to declutter overall. This will add a sense of openness and space to your home. Remove out-of-season clothing from the closet to give the illusion of more space. Box up books, knick-knacks, and more. If you don’t need it in the next two months, get packing!

And don’t forget the landscaping, especially front yard. A home with great curb appeal will get many more inquiries from potential buyers than one that needs weeding and clean up.

2. Add Functionality & Appeal

The next step to staging a home is creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

If you have an unusual layout, be sure to give each space a purpose. Perhaps a little nook can be a crafts area or place for mail. Give a patio a small bistro set and a lemonade pitcher and you have created a conversation spot.

Towels, candles, and throw pillows can add pops of color and personality without being overwhelming or expensive.

Ultimately your goal is to create an inviting space that people want to stay in.

One frequently overlooked piece is our sense of smell. A home that smells like cigarettes or is musty is a tough one to sell. Flameless scented candles can work wonders! For the ambitious, bake cookies or bread. I prefer clean scents like fluffy towels or lavender. Our sense of smell is subliminal but essential when determining how we feel about a space.

Help buyers to love your space with some of these simple tips and not only will your home sell faster, it will sell for more money too!

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