Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Happy New Year! A new year provides an opportunity for reflection and goal setting, including reviewing the tax benefits of home ownership! As you delve into your 2016 taxes, it’s important to make sure you are reaping the many tax benefits of home ownership. I found this great article on Market Watch that summarizes the many tax benefits of home ownership that I wanted to share with you. I hope this brings to light some of the ways that you can proactively take advantage of your status as a home owner. Opportunities to take tax deductions abound, include: Property tax […] Read more »

How To Stage Your Home To Sell

Staging is the art of making your home appeal to prospective buyers. As a home seller, it is an essential step to maximizing your home’s potential value. Buyers want a home to feel welcoming and warm. A professional stager will frequently use items you already own to create the right ambiance, but you can also do quite a bit of staging yourself. Here are two simple steps to follow when staging your home. 1. Declutter & Depersonalize Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in a space. Decluttering and depersonalizing are ways to make a home more appealing to […] Read more »

Why Kelly Taliaferro Opened “Lucky Dog Realty”

Starting Lucky Dog Realty has been both exciting and scary, as anyone who has started their own business can relate to. There is greater risk going out on your own, but the potential reward can be greater too. When I first earned my real estate license I joined RE/MAX, a well-known international real estate company. And I had 9 happy years at RE/MAX Elite. My Qualifying Broker was always there when I needed advice, double checked my paperwork and then pretty much left me alone to sell homes. But at the end of every month, I wrote a big FAT […] Read more »

The Special Meanings of “Lucky Dog Realty”

I frequently am asked: Why Lucky Dog Realty? The name of my brokerage is practical and strategic. When I started practicing real estate, my Qualifying Broker suggested that all the new agents get a website and to use our own names. I thought that was a terrible idea for me since my name is Kelly Taliaferro, but is pronounced “Kelly Tolliver,” which is quite confusing! I wanted a website name that was catchy, easy to remember and encompassed a little about me. At the time my husband and I had just purchased our first puppy, a six-week old German Short-haired […] Read more »